ETS2 v1.35.0.81s Open Beta + FULL DLC

Yap kali ini ETS2 sudah update lagi, tentunya versi terbaru yaitu ETS2 versi 1.35 namun ini tetap versi Tani yah sobat :D saya sarankan beli di STEAM wkwkw tapi gak apa-apa kalo yang mau versi Tani silahkan saja.

dikutip dari blog.scsoft  menyatakan kelebihan nya ialah :


  • Ownable container trailers
  • Regular owned-trailer accessory browser
  • Trailer run-time adjustment (extendable trailers, sliding tandems)
  • Truck/trailer configurations can be copied across a fleet
  • Wiper setting improvements
  • Ownable logging trailers
  • Double trailers in Germany and Netherlands
  • Krone extendable Box Liner for 40ft or 2x20ft containers (Krone DLC)
  • Ownable Schwarzm├╝ller reefer, curtain and log trailers including AI variants (Schwarzm├╝ller DLC)
  • Owned trailers usable in External contracts (WoTR)
  • Online garage purchase
  • Emergency refuelling service
  • Input improvements (Steam controller support, Tobii eye tracker support, controller hot-swapping support, better force-feedback on Linux)
  • Razer Chroma support (RGB)
  • New options: truck stability, suspension stiffness, dual-localisation names on the map
  • Lots of new drivers to hire
  • Cabin suspension reworked
  • Experimental DX11 support (config only, r_device "dx11")

  • Modded trucks support (in-game function)
  • Center-of-gravity moved from trailer defs to trailer chassis defs (for easier modding)
  • New wiper delay+speed format
  • Removed default sound for trailer legs (now empty by default)
  • Cargo models randomized (e.g. container)
  • Timezone areas (introduced in 1.34)
  • Transmission mode names
  • Curve item (map item)
  • Mover/walker redesign
  • Traffic improvements
  • Dynamic Level-of-Detail for models
 intinya ialah kelebihan nya banyak, dan yang paling mimin suka adalah adanya fitur Voice GPS yang nunjukin jalur pada saat kita set GPS


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