City Bus Caio Millennium 2 PBC ETS2

Kali ini admin ada bus keren, ini dia bus kota dengan pintu di kiri dan kanan, walau dashboarnya di kiri tapi mimin suka nih sama bis ini karna detail nya bagus. keren lah

keterangan :
-suport ETS2 versi 1.30 - 1.34
-beli di deler Mercedes
-stir di kiri

keterangan lain :
Model: Caio Millennium 2 PBC
Manufacturer: Caio Induscar
Chassis: O-500M 1726 (Manufactured by Mercedes Benz)
Engine: OM-926 LA (Manufactured by Mercedes Benz)

Converted for Euro Truck Simulator 2 by Cristhian Cardoso
Model by Marcos Elias Pic√£o
Sound: Wallace Machado(OMSI2)/Cristhian Cardoso (Adapted for ETS2)
Skins: Gilberto Jr, Cristhian

Available from the Mercedes dealer (Not in the UK)
OBS. It is not allowed to upload the mod to other sites without authorization!
OBS². Does not come with passenger mod
OBS³. Compatible with version 1.32x-1.33x

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Cristhian Cardoso

Cristhian Cardoso