Trailer Metalesp Bi-Train Wood Transport 7 Axles v0.2 1.31.x

Selamat Pagi kali ini admin mau share mod Trailer pengankut Kayu keren :D kalo pake mod ini nuansanya seperti di daerah kalimantan :v di perkebunankayu, penacaran ? langsung aja download
suport ETS2  1.31

- Standalone model
- Cabbles suport
- Empty and Loaded version
- 2 Color variants
- 3 Cargoes variants
Beli di deler TREE-ET

Change v0.2:
- Fixed some trailer parts
- Fixed Flares, better size to taillight.
- Fixed chassi color, now i'ts closer to real model.
- Added 2 new cargoes (Physics changed to try simulate a real one)
- Added suport to cables 1.31x UP
- Added license plate
- Minor fixes
- Added Brazilian maps support (Eldorado, EAA, RC Map, RBR and Rotas Brasil)



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